Happy Mother’s Day, God.

Happy Mother’s Day, God.  Yep, that’s right.  I am wishing our God a happy Mother’s Day.  Before you consider me completely nuts, hear me out.

First, let me say that I am very thankful for a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  My husband allowed me time on my own, I got a massage, I am not in charge of dinner tonight, and I haven’t even had to be in charge of the potty-training that is going on in our home right now.  (THAT may be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!)

I am so grateful to Steve for allowing me to be a Mom.  Yes, I birthed our son..and that was no small task, but it takes two to tango, right? So, I am not a Mom without my son having a Dad.  So, thank you, Steve, for being a part of making me a Mom.

Steve and I just released our promotional video* for Side By Side.  It gives a small peek into who we are and what Side By Side Ministry is all about.  My absolute favorite part of that video is the final scene, where you see our little family having fun in our backyard.  It’s a short clip, but there is so much joy in that threesome.  It’s the perfect final picture…because it is proof that beautiful things can come from the most difficult of times.  Our marriage fell apart and nearly ended, but God had other plans.  He knew that our son was to be born and that we were to be his parents.  He had a plan for each of us.  He had a plan for me to be a Mom, unbeknownst to me.

See, before going through that crisis, we did not intend to have children. It’s not that we didn’t want kids, we just didn’t think a child would fit into our lifestyle.  (well, we were right about that…a child didn’t fit into our “pre-God lifestyle!”)  However, once we began to heal and grow as a Christian couple in a healthy marriage, we completely changed our minds.  Actually, we really had nothing to do with it…God softened our hearts and gave us the desire to bring this beautiful boy into the world.

So, it is with that I humbly say “Happy Mother’s Day, God.”  If it weren’t for God seeing us through the storm, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this message with a three-year-old angel leaning on my shoulder.  Thank you, God, for making me a mom.  I am more grateful than I could ever express.

*To see our promotional video, visit our Facebook page.


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