Grateful for fruit.

Matthew 7:16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

Today was one of those extraordinary days that you can’t help but be in awe of.  Actually, yesterday can be included in that.

The last several weeks have been rough for us…with lots of spiritual warfare and obstacles that seem to pop out of nowhere.

We appreciate your prayers as we walked through that.  Some of those obstacles caused us to doubt…doubting if we were doing the right thing, doubting our abilities, doubting if we were even on God’s path.  It was disappointing to feel so doubtful, especially since we truly desire to have full faith, not only in this new ministry, but in our entire lives.

But God showed up in a mighty way….in many ways, but mostly through his people.  The body of Christ has rallied around us.  Some of you have prayed fervently.  Some of you have cared for our child so we could focus on ministry work.  Some of you have taken on a task from us, no questions asked.  Some of you have crafted.  Some of you have shopped.  Some of you have encouraged us just at the right moment.  Some of you have printed and cut paper.  Some of you have offered your talents and services free of charge.  Some of you have gifted us generously.  We are in awe of your love and support for us and for Side By Side Ministry.  We haven’t even gotten to Saturday’s event and we are already overwhelmed by your love and generosity.

The verse above stood out to me today.  In our doubt, we felt a bit like thornbushes.  We felt unworthy of producing fruit.  But, through your own fruit-what you have chosen to give to us out of your love and devotion to Christ-has helped us to trust that we, too, are worthy of producing fruit.  This photo depicts so much….the dirty,weathered hands show so much labor, labor that is not easy, may feel endless, and may even produce genuine pain.  But, oh the fruit…so ripe and beautiful, and SO worth it.

Lord, we pray that we will will always produce fruit that is worthy and pleasing to you.  And, God, we thank you so very much for the fruit you have produced within the people around us.  Amen.


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