Want to know the key to motivating someone?

Do you want to know the key to motivating someone?  Now, I am not talking about manipulating someone or trickery to force them to do things your way.  Get all those thoughts out of your head.  I am talking about genuine, good-willed motivation for someone you love.

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Insides and Outsides…and the story of the perfect family photo.

Perfect family photo, right?  The sun is cascading on the blue water, the clouds creating shadows of color, the outfits planned to match, and everyone is smiling.  It almost seems unreal….and it is.  Unreal, that is.  Let’s talk about what was really going on in this “perfect family photo.” Continue reading

I Give Up.

I give up.  I can’t do this anymore.  I am done.

Have you ever said any of those words?  Or words similar?  Life is hard and it sometimes presents us with situations that seem impossible. Completely impossible.  They are the kind of situations where you look at it from the inside or the outside and say, “there’s no way I can make it through this.”

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