Did you hear?

Did you hear what God did on May 21, 2016?  Did you hear? If not, keep reading! And see the pictures, too!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On May 21st, Side By Side Ministry held it’s kick-off event.  And, wow, we kicked it off!  There were just under 200 people in attendance.  Two of those people choose to dedicate their lives to Jesus right there at the event. Yes, you heard that right…two people who walked in to the event not believing in Jesus….left the event believing!  Their lives were changed forever that night.

You might be tempted to “congratulate us” on that.  Please don’t.  We would prefer that you send your congratulations to God, who is sovereign over all and able to do great and amazing things!  He deserves all the glory!

Guess what else God did that night?  He led 9 people to re-commit their lives to their Savior!  And he helped 32 people decide to make a significant change in their marriage after watching Side By Side.  He is a big God and he does BIG things.

We ask you to join us in praying that ALL those life-changing choices made on May 21st are being acted on and nurtured.  We can make choices…but we also have to follow through.  Pray for that follow-through, friends!

As if you weren’t already convinced that God is AMAZING…He also raised, through your generous donations, over $26,000 for Side By Side Ministry!  We are blown away by the generosity that we have experienced!  God is going to use those funds to heal marriages and change lives!

THANK YOU!!  Your support and faith is outstanding.  We are humbled.  And we are so excited to see what God has in store for us next!  Thank you for coming out on May 21st.  Please visit our website at www.sidebysideministry.org.  Go to our Facebook page and “like” it so you will receive updates from us.  And if you are on Instagram, follow us @sidebysidemin.



4 thoughts on “Did you hear?

  1. Wow!!! I know I shouldn’t be surpised at the mighty hand of God, but He continues to blow me away with the way He works in our lives! Thank you for your humble service and answering God’s call into starting this ministry! I’m excited to watch and God willing have a small part in what God is doing in marriages. Please let me know how I can pray and ways I can get involved in what God is doing here. 💗


  2. Thank you SO much for your support of Side By Side. We are so grateful for you and your encouraging words. We will be in touch shortly with some volunteer opportunities. Until then, please pray that we are able to solidify some more Side By Side events with other churches. Our goal is to share Side By Side 8 more times by the end of 2016, so if you know of a church that would benefit from hearing our story, please pass our information along!


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