Our Greatest Need

Recently, someone asked me, “What is your greatest need?” 



They were referring to Side By Side Ministry and what kind of help we might need.  We are grateful for questions like that, because we have come to realize that being in ministry is all about needing help.  It’s humbling actually…to ask for help.  At least it is for me. (Lisa)  I have come from a lifetime of wanting to be a “strong, independent woman” and get it all done all by myself.  That’s another story, though.

When asked “what is your greatest need” I immediately wanted to to respond that it has really nothing to do with MY need or OUR need as Side By Side Ministry.  I didn’t, cause that might have sounded rude.

But hear me out.  Our greatest need is for people to hear our message of hope and restoration.  So, it’s not really our need.  It’s the need of the struggling newlyweds as they try to navigate this new world of marriage.  It’s the need of the empty-nesters that are realizing they don’t even remember what they used to enjoy doing together.  It’s the need of the husband who is on the verge of acting on a temptation.  It’s the need of the wife who is so focused on her kids that she doesn’t even notice her husband walk in the door.  It’s the need of the divorced man or woman that is desperate to know they might get a second chance at getting it right.  It’s even the need of the person who doesn’t know Jesus, but feels something is missing in their life.  Our greatest need is to have an opportunity to fulfill the needs of others and lead them to God-centered, thriving marriages.  That is our greatest need.

Side By Side has been blessed in the last month with partners who believe in our story and the impact it is having on people.  Now we need to go out and share it!

How can you help?  Connect us with a church that has people who need to hear our journey from hurt to hope.  Yep, it’s that’s simple.  You all know people who go to churches….we ask that you personally recommend Side By Side to them.  That’s it.

We want to do what God has called us to….go out and share His story.  We will take Side By Side anywhere in the country.

In the advertising world, they have have a saying…word of mouth is your best form of advertising.  It’s true!  We can send a million Side By Side brochures…but your ONE personal call to a friend is what will book our next event.  80% of our brochures will end up in the trash because there is no personal connection.

Our goal is to share Side By Side with 8 churches by the end of 2016.  Please help us make that happen.  Please consider doing the following:

  • Call a friend who is a church member, leader or pastor and share with them your experience of viewing Side By Side.
  • Send links (below) to our promotional video and website.  Then follow up with a phone call!
  • Share this blog page, our Facebook posts and Instagram posts with ALL your friends.  Directly message them with a recommendation.

Thank you, friends, for helping us to fulfill our greatest need…..fulfilling the greatest need of others…..sharing our journey from hurt to hope…and leading people to our amazing God who makes it all happen!

And…..GO! 🙂

Links To Share:

Side By Side Ministry Promotional Video

Side By Side Ministry Website

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