They are watching.

Have you ever thought about how your kids view your marriage?  Not what they hear you SAY about marriage but what they SEE in your marriage.

“Your child may or may not remember what you say, but there is a high probability they will become who you are.”*

So, the other day Steve and I were having a “discussion” while eating dinner.  As we talked more and became more animated, I turned and saw that our 3-year-old son was watching us intently.  My heart sank. Continue reading


Have you made your appointment?

We were gifted a devotional book recently.  It’s call Wisdom for Living by Boyd Bailey.  He is a part of Wisdom Hunters, a great resource for all kinds of devotionals.  I have been using it in my daily devotional time and today’s is a subject I would like to share with you.

There is nothing more important in my day than time with God.  When I spend time with God, it’s like seeing the world with rose-colored glasses. Seriously, opening my heart to His truth and His message for me allows me to see every area of my life in a different light-through a different lens.  Check this out…

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