A night like no other.

Last night, we shared Side By Side at Calvary Chapel-Boca Raton.  To say it was a blessing would be an understatement.  In fact, the blessing started long before last night.  Only God could orchestrate this event.  Here’s the story.

I (Lisa) went to a community event on the topic of marriage.  In a room of over 150 people, we were having open discussions about how we, as community and ministry leaders, can help to combat the near epidemic of broken marriages.

Long story as short as I can make it, little me stood up to speak boldly in a room filled with politicians, community leaders, and philanthropists.

After I spoke, I literally felt sick.

I sat down and could barely remember what I said, though I know that I spoke briefly about Side By Side and how difficult it is to find places to collaborate as we start this new marriage ministry.  I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice to speak up, though.

After the event, a pastor and his wife came up to me, with warm, genuine smiles, and said they wanted to hear more about our ministry.  That was Pastor David Gordon and his wife, Betty from Calvary Chapel-Boca Raton.

We landed at their church after several months of interactions and planning.  Every interaction was encouraging for us.  Pastor David is an extraordinary servant of God and his love for Jesus radiated through every conversation.  It was one of the most pleasant event planning experiences we have had.  I told him on multiple occasions that our burden was so light and that we could feel God’s presence in this event.  And that feeling never changed, all the way through last night.

As soon as we walked in the door, we were welcomed and loved on.  Gerard, our sound tech, was generous and and kind.  Pastor David and Betty checked on us repeatedly.  The chef hand-delivered us a delicious meal.  Pastor Jerry and his wife, Wendy, helped us pack up and carry our gear to our car after everyone else had left.

Do you sense a theme?

This was an experience filled with servant-hearted people who genuinely want to serve God and serve others well.

It was a beautiful experience!

And I haven’t even talked about the couples who attended the event yet!

I can’t possibly share each story with you, but we met people that share a similar story to ours, couples that are struggling, couples that have conquered an “earthquake” in their marriage, single folks that have renewed hope.

It always amazes us (though it really shouldn’t) how God brings the perfect people to our events.  He knows who needs to be there and He calls them.  Somehow, in His “God-way” He gets people there.  It’s truly awesome.

We left last night’s event with hearts full of gratitude.

We are grateful for God’s redemption in our own lives, for God’s provision for Side By Side, for servant-hearted friends who welcomed us, and for people who were willing to “take a chance” on coming to see us.

Thank you, God.  Thank you so very much!

It was a night like none other.





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