Ask Me Anything?

Yes! Ask Me Anything!


At a Side By Side event, we share our journey through song and story.  But, after that, we also provide a time called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).  The audience that just viewed our presentation is able to anonymously text in ANY question they like and we do our best to answer it.

Some ask questions about our story...and some of those questions are deep and personal.  But we know that God has called us to share our story in it’s truest form, which includes the not-so-pretty parts and even the sensitive parts.  Because we know He has called us to do that, we also are assured that He will protect us through the process.

Some ask for suggestions for their current circumstances.  We are very careful to answer those in a way that is pleasing to God.  And we are very clear that we are not counselors.  We are happy to share what helped us, and we pray that those resources and ideas will help others, but we can’t guarantee anything.  Only God can do that.

But sometimes, we don’t have enough time to answer everyone’s questions!

And it really bums us out, because we don’t ever want anyone to be left hanging…or to feel as if their question wasn’t important.  Your question IS important!!

Because we believe those unanswered questions are important, we intent to do something about it!  We are not going to leave those questions behind! (said in a very politician-pounding-on-podium way!)

We will be starting a new blog series in March called…wait for it…Ask Me Anything!  We will answer all the unanswered questions.  Sometimes in writing, sometimes through video.  Either way, every question that is asked (do I have to say this…within reason, friends) at a Side By Side event will be answered.

We are so excited to have a solution to this little dilemma.  Friends, ministry is a work in progress.  Marriage is a work in progress.  Our lives, for that matter, are a constant work in progress.   God doesn’t expect us to be perfect (because it’s impossible!).  But He does expect us to try in the same way that our Lord Jesus did.  Never giving up!

Today is a win, because we tried to find a solution to our “lost questions” and we found one!  Yahoo!!  Thank you, God!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, what are you waiting for!?



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