3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 2)

Congratulations if you made it through last week’s post, part one of this series.  I couldn’t seem to “put the pen down” and ended up with quite a lengthy post.  I pray that, though lengthy, you saw the richness of the truth that was shared.

To sum up last week’s post, our first truth that leads to healing is…

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3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 1)

It would be really easy to look at our website or our Facebook page and think to yourself, “wow, look at that…they had a rough time in their marriage and poof, now they are healed and happy as can be.”  In fact, we’ve had lots of people makes comments like that directly to us. Or people have asked us “How did you do it??” and then expect a quick, simple answer. Continue reading

The 4 Stages of Marriage: Which one are you in?

Do you know what stage your marriage or relationship is in?

Generally, there are 4 stages to a marriage.  Different venues use different terminology, but they tend to have the same general meaning.  We related most to the stages Continue reading

Two Syllables That Will Save Your Life: a lesson learned at 35,000 feet.

I have been doing quite a bit of traveling this year. On a recent flight, I was reading a leadership book that included a chapter on the benefits of meditation.  I was tempted to skip over the chapter for multiple reasons, but here are the top three: Continue reading