3 Magic Words For Your Marriage!

What are the magic words to help love abound in your marriage?  We know from our last blog post that “always” and “never” are not doing you any favors.  So, if those are the “bad words,” what are the “good words” for our marriages?  Continue reading


2 Words To Remove From Your Marriage…

“You never remember to pick up your towel!”

“You always say that!”

“You never want to do what I want to do.”

“You always nag me.”

Do you sense the theme?  Have you ever said something similar to any of these statements?  (Come on, be honest with yourself.  Own it.) Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Fight Outside!

Are you and your spouse about to start arguing?  Do you have to discuss an important topic that is stressful for both of you?  If so, step outside!

If you saw our recent Facebook Live video, you saw that we were filming in a beautiful garden.  Prior to that, we had attended a really important, and somewhat stressful, business meeting.  That stress melted quickly as we strolled around the garden, soaking in God’s creation.

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3 reasons you should take it outside:

Continue reading

3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 3)

“If you don’t even kiss me when you get home, then good luck getting anything more than that tonight.”

“Why shouldn’t I go out with the guys again? If I am home, all she does is complain.”

“How can I possibly respect you when you haven’t done anything respectful?”

Do any of these sound remotely familiar?  Come on, be honest with yourself…it’s very likely every single one of us has said something similar at some point in our marriages.  In fact, many of us use statements like this daily.  What do all these statements have in common?  They all include Continue reading