Not Feeling The Love?

Do you ever have those moments where you don’t seem to love your spouse much? Or do you feel like your marriage is a little stagnant or even headed on a steady, downward slope? Do you look at your relationship as if it’s an outdated room in desperate need of updating?

You are not alone. All marriages have ups and downs. All spouses have days or weeks or even years, sadly, where they feel “in a slump” or like they are just making it through each day, without much genuine love or connection. I believe that those who say they have not experienced this are just us or themselves.

There are a multitude of reasons for marriage to end up in this kind of slump. There are several ways that one can end up wondering how to possible muster up a shred of love for the person they sleep next to every night.

Even though there are a million reasons for this problem, we believe there is only one solution.

When we were in the beginning of healing our very broken marriage, we realized a profound truth that has stuck with us to this day.

The more we love God, the more we are capable of loving our spouse.

If we have become stagnant in our faith, it’s highly likely our marriage is becoming stale as well.

If we are not seeking ways to love God, it’s likely we are not seeking ways to love our spouse.

You see, when we are filling our cups with God’s love, not only are we able to pour that love out on others, but our actual cup is expanded.

It’s like a supernatural expansion of our love space!

Very little room for God in our life = very little room for love of others.

Lots of room for God in our life = lots of room for love of others.

Seeking God is like welcoming an HGTV designer into our dilapidated love space to do a complete remodel and addition!

So, if you are in that stagnant, stale place in your marriage, where you just can’t seem to “feel the love,” may we recommend that you renovate your relationship with God so HE can completely remodel your marriage.

Stop just surviving in your marriage and start thriving!

Side By Side Ministry exists to see ALL marriages God-centered and thriving…including yours.


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