Chin up?

I looked at my list and sighed.  Like, one of those big sighs that lasts so long, you wonder if there is any breath left in your lungs.  I saw all the tasks that I had found important enough to write down.  You know the tasks…the things for the house, the things for the family, the things for the job, the things for the church, the things for the people….ALL the things.  All. the. things.

All the things.

With that huge sigh, my body sank…in a posture of defeat.  How would I get it all done? Who am I failing by only picking a few tasks to accomplish? Why can’t I be like those other people that have endless energy to pound out all their tasks on their list?

Slowly, my defeat turned to despair.

There was no way I could get it all done.  That thought was paralyzing for me, a very Type A personality.  Something had to give.

So, I thought to myself…Chin up, girl!  Chin up!  Don’t be defeated, just take one thing at a time.  Tackle what you can!  You can do this!  You know all that positive self-talk, right?  The things that those New York Times Bestselling authors tell us to do in order to achieve a million tasks in an hour?  Yes, I tried to tell myself all those things.  All the things.

But it didn’t work.  Because there was still defeat in my heart.  All the self-help authors in the world could not remove that defeat from my heart.  

“Chin up” was not going to cut it.

Then, I heard this statement from a wise woman…..

God cannot lift an unbowed head.

God cannot lift an unbowed head. -Meredith Brock

Remember ALL THE THINGS I had on that very important list of tasks?

Do you think God was on that list?  No.

Do you think I had scheduled time with God in that very busy week?  Nope.

Do you think I woke that morning genuinely desiring to accomplish what God chose? No.

Friends, I did not have ALL the things on that list.  In fact, I was missing the ONE thing that should have been on it!  God!

God cannot lift an unbowed head.

Someone once told me that when you are so busy that you don’t have time to pray, you should stop to pray all the more.  And in that, the prayers are not to be just me asking God for something….they can be heartfelt prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving and reverence for the ONE who created me.

If you are at all like me and need a list to get you through your day of tasks….may I humbly suggest that we put God on our list?  May we consider placing Him at the top, even?

Lets bow our heads to the one, true God…so that when we are overwhelmed or worried or begin to feel defeat, He can gently lift our bowed head.

God IS all the things.  He is IN all the things.  He wants us to bring glory to His name THROUGH all the things.

But He must come first.  He’s the only one that can remove the defeat and replace it with peace.  Not just in our to-do list…but in ALL THE THINGS.

Chin up?  Not in my own effort.  But God will lift my chin high when my head is bowed to   Him.

Do you have a hurt that needs to hear hope?  

You can watch our story…our journey from hurt to hope….HERE.





Say YES to joy!

Have you ever said to yourself, “When THIS happens, THEN I will feel joy.”  Or “once we get through this tough time, I will feel better.”  It seems nearly impossible to experience joy in the middle of a tough time.

How can we even consider being joyful when the stresses of life are whirling around us?

Here’s How!

The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Nehemiah 8:10

Friends, having joy is what actually helps you get through that tough time!  Yep, it’s true.  The joy of the Lord is your strength!

We tend to think that joy comes AFTER a tough time.  But, according to the Bible, joy needs to be present at ALL times in order for us to experience the full strength that God is offering us.  We tend to get it backwards.

It’s the joy of the Lord that will carry us through a tough time, not what we receive after the tough time.

I am not talking about happiness.  Happiness and joy are two different things.  Happiness is circumstantial.  Joy is way deeper than that.  Joy comes from God.  The stronger your relationship is with God, the more and more you experience His joy, even in the middle of difficult seasons.

Don’t wait until the storm passes to experience joy.  Praise God in the midst of trouble.  Open your heart to His goodness even while you may be suffering.  The joy of the Lord is your strength!  Memorize this verse, so that you can repeat it to yourself whenever you are tempted to let that joy slip away.

Say YES to joy!

Deer in headlights.

“Lisa, every time I see you lately, you look like a deer in caught in headlights.”  This was said by a friend as I entered the threshold of our third event of the weekend.  I was not at all offended.  She is a trusted friend and I actually really appreciated her statement.  So much so that I am going to write about it today.  Continue reading

3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 3)

“If you don’t even kiss me when you get home, then good luck getting anything more than that tonight.”

“Why shouldn’t I go out with the guys again? If I am home, all she does is complain.”

“How can I possibly respect you when you haven’t done anything respectful?”

Do any of these sound remotely familiar?  Come on, be honest with yourself…it’s very likely every single one of us has said something similar at some point in our marriages.  In fact, many of us use statements like this daily.  What do all these statements have in common?  They all include Continue reading

3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 2)

Congratulations if you made it through last week’s post, part one of this series.  I couldn’t seem to “put the pen down” and ended up with quite a lengthy post.  I pray that, though lengthy, you saw the richness of the truth that was shared.

To sum up last week’s post, our first truth that leads to healing is…

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3 truths that lead to healing. (Part 1)

It would be really easy to look at our website or our Facebook page and think to yourself, “wow, look at that…they had a rough time in their marriage and poof, now they are healed and happy as can be.”  In fact, we’ve had lots of people makes comments like that directly to us. Or people have asked us “How did you do it??” and then expect a quick, simple answer. Continue reading

Have you made your appointment?

We were gifted a devotional book recently.  It’s call Wisdom for Living by Boyd Bailey.  He is a part of Wisdom Hunters, a great resource for all kinds of devotionals.  I have been using it in my daily devotional time and today’s is a subject I would like to share with you.

There is nothing more important in my day than time with God.  When I spend time with God, it’s like seeing the world with rose-colored glasses. Seriously, opening my heart to His truth and His message for me allows me to see every area of my life in a different light-through a different lens.  Check this out…

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